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Urban art lighting

Modern International Building

Modern International Building The project is located in the core area of the central area, at the intersection of Jintian Road and Fuhua Road. It belongs to the "jue version" office building in Huanglong Noble Business District. It has long been fascinated by its unique natural landscape, cultural heritage and wealth magnetic field. The walls of Building A and Building B of this project are all washed with 12WLED linear light, the facade of Building A is illuminated with 70W, 250W, and 400W floodlights, and the 18W LED underground lights on the platform on Floor 5 of Building A are illuminated by trees. Irradiate at the corners of Building B.

Xinhu Business Building

Xinhu Business Night Lighting Project, the contract period is 30 days. The building is located in Huanglong Commercial Circle, a pure office building. The top-level platform of this project is washed with 12W LED linear floodlights. The narrow beam floodlights are used to illuminate the surroundings. The 35W metal halide floodlights are used to illuminate upwards. The four corners are washed with LED wall washer lights.

Hefang Street

The Wushan Flower and Bird City, Hefang Street and its surrounding characteristic Fang Lane night view lighting projects are located in the prime area of Hangzhou Wushan Commercial Circle, which is the historical and cultural district of Hangzhou.

Zhejiang World Trade Center

The project is located at 122 Shuguang Road, Xihu District. The Zhejiang World Trade Center is a comprehensive, multi-functional and large-scale service facility built to promote Zhejiang's international economy, trade, technology, cultural exchanges and development. The World Trade Center is illuminated at night. The design is dedicated to giving the World Trade Center life through rich light language and various light effects.

G20 Expo Center, Qianjiang New City

Qianjiang New City's light fountain is a light show with the theme of "city, water, light, and shadow". Among them, water is an element that connects all the colors of the light. Under the creation of colorful lights, springs are like columns and waves. The bright and transparent fountain, high and low, changeable, combined with the classic and cheerful soundtrack, people must not stop.
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