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Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park

Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park is located in Huadu District, Guangzhou City. It is committed to creating the world's first large-scale cultural tourism and commercial comprehensive project, covering an area of 59.61 hectares and investing 3 billion yuan. It is completely different from other theme parks around it, forming a unique theme style. Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park has a variety of amusement programs, with innovative content that surpasses world-class theme parks, creating multiple world firsts, and will provide visitors with a unique entertainment experience. The wonderful appearance of Guangzhou Wanda Theme Park not only raised the local amusement park entertainment culture to a higher level, but also pushed the regional theme park culture of the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to the pinnacle of the world.

Wanda Theme Park

Wuxi Wanda City is located in the Binhu District, with a total construction area of 3.4 million square meters and a total investment of over 40 billion yuan. It has four major contents: culture, tourism, commerce, and hotels. It brings together the creations of an international team of masters and uses advanced world cultural skills to create . A Wanda city renews Wuxi's tourism industry, fills many gaps in the Wuxi tourism market, and will help Wuxi's tourism industry to transform and achieve Wuxi's urban upgrading. Create a dream city and let the world admire a new Wuxi.

Wanda Show in Wuxi

Wuxi Wanda City Show is a high-tech stage show created by Mr. Fracodragone, an international performing artist. It is also one of the core projects of Wanda City. The façade of the show building takes the shape of "bamboo forest", which integrates the regional cultural characteristics of Wuxi and Chinese traditional ideas, fully displays the local cultural characteristics of Jiangnan, and echoes the mystery and shock of the show performances.

Angel Angel Paradise

Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province is the only county in China that has won the United Nations Habitat Award. It is an ecological, livable, beautiful and happy green ecological city. Angel Paradise is China's first Hellokitty theme park, supporting the construction of various parent-child, family-themed playgrounds and theme hotels to promote the high integration of the tourism industry with information, cultural and creative industries, business, and other industries, to create a platform for industrial development and innovation, and build parent-child Tourism-oriented national theme leisure tourism town.

Chengdu Rubik's Cube Performing Arts Center

Chengdu Grand Rubik Performing Arts Center is located in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, with a construction scale of about 1.05 million square meters and a streamlined space shuttle shape. Its main function is a 12,000-seat performing arts center and stadium.
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